Oraone hosting:

  • snelle oplevering van uw omgeving
  • flexibele contract-looptijden
  • beheer door ervaren Oracle-specialisten
  • vrijblijvende proefperiode van één maand


EBS Hosting

Installing and maintaining an Oracle E-Business-environment requires a lot of preparation and advanced technical knowledge. With "E-Business Suite Hosting" Oraone offers its customers the opportunity to quickly acquire an EBS-environment. That's because all preparations have already been performed by us, making it possible for you to start using the EBS-environment within a few days!

The Oraone EBS Hosting-service enables customers to start using a new EBS R12 Vision or fresh-install environment at short notice. Without the need to make arrangements for the infrastructure yourself, we take care of the server-resources, installation, technical configuration and maintenance. Whether you need an extra education-environment for the duration of a few months, or another test-environment for a period of 2 years, with the EBS Hosting-service it can be arranged. After a short intake interview we prepare and deliver your EBS-environment after which you can use the environment via a secure VPN-connection or a direct https-connection.

Technical solution
The Oraone-servers are located in one of the best secured data-centers in The Netherlands. With the outcome of the intake-interview we determine the appropriate amount of server-resources for your EBS-environment, which will ensure an optimal performance. The latest virtualization-technology makes it possible to isolate your environment from other environments so no interference is experienced.

Every server is installed with software-components supported by Oracle, and every night a full backup is made.

Our technical specialists are experienced Oracle EBS-DBA's and can perform all regular maintenance-tasks, like:

- Installing patches

- Planning and performing upgrades

- Cloning environments

Oraone's contracts are flexible and can be adjusted in a number of ways:

- number of environments to be hosted

- contractperiod

- environment-availability (5x8, 7x24, etc.)

- patch- and upgrade-support

- direct internet-access or secure VPN-access